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In article <DLA6Jv.M9J.B.solomon at>, bs3klmb at writes:
> I am trying to develop a computer model of fungal growth patterns in different 
> conditions.  Can anyone send me some information that may be of use?
> thanks
> Karen Brazil
> bs3klmb at

You could have a look at the following papers which might be of interest
to your project

Bartnicki-García S, Hergert F, Gierz G (1989) Computer 
stimulation of fungal morphogenesis and the mathematical basis 
for hyphal (tip) growth. Protoplasma 153, 46-57.

López-Franco R, Bartnicki-García S, Bracker CE (1994) Pulsed 
growth of fungal hyphal tips. PNAS 91, 12228-12232.

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