Latin nomenclature

William Hunt wjh at
Sun Jan 28 16:38:59 EST 1996

In <4e0fal$3ck at> Richard W. Kerrigan <rwk at> writes:
>I would also enjoy information on the origin and meaning of 
>'Portabella'.  I first heard it given as 'Portobello'.  My ignorance of 
>the Italian language yields the singularly inappropriate translation, 
>"handsome orifice".  Surely this cannot be right...

> Woloshuk's Group (Woloshuks_group at wrote:
>: Does anyone know the latin name for the Portabella mushroom.  We are also
>: interested in the origin of the common name Portabella.  Thanks for the

i would guess at the meaning 'opened nicely', as opposed to buttons.

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