Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Melvin S. Fuller msfuller at
Wed Jan 31 11:35:33 EST 1996

For the last two summers, I have had an undergraduate work with me in isolating zoosporic fungi 
marine and freshwater habitats.  We are also doing some laboratory work on the growth and 
development of fungi
we isolate or related zoospore-producing fungi.  It affords an opportunity to get experience 
working with a
groups of "fungi" that few universities include in courses today.

	If a suitable rising junior, senior or person who will enter a graduate program in the 
fall of 1996
has an interest in working at a marine laboratory on the coast of Maine, I encourage them to 
contact me at:
msfuller at or to submit an application.  More information on the laboratory and the 
undergraduate internships can be obtained at:  The document on the 
web gives 
details on support and how to apply.

	I look forward to hearing from interested students.

Melvin S. Fuller

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