Fruiting T. versicolor =new edition of G.G.M.M.

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Tue Jan 30 23:59:48 EST 1996

Gary DosSantos  <dossantos at> wrote:
>I'm presently trying to obtain fruiting bodies from the white rot 
>basidiomycete Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor. Has anybody out there had 
>any luck at doing this?
 here is the first notice posted in FUNGUS, the email-newsletter dedicated
to specialty mushroom cultivation. 
 Website of FUNGUS is
email address of Paul Stamets/Fungi Perefcti is mycomedia at 

>FUNGUS Digest (January 31, 1995)                                               
>From: the moderator (rarnold at               
>Subj:  Updating "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms"
>Paul Stamets has contacted me with the interesting news that he is in   
>the process of updating his "bible of mushroom-growing" (moderator's
>description) GROWING GOURMET &MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS.  He is adding 3-5
>new species and correcting typos. These might include Trametes
>veriscolor; Porio cocos; Pl. tuber-regium; the portobello Agaricus


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