Mushrooms, Russia, & History

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Tue Jul 2 15:03:15 EST 1996

Hi Mark,
I asm not sure what you mean by "reading copy". As far as I am aware, the
book was pubished as a limited edition, large format (two volumes?)
hardback in 1959 or 60...
Copyright may have expired, so perhaps someone else could re-publish it in
an affordable format (hint,hint; is Bryce Kendrick at Mycologue or David
Largent at MadRiver reading this?)
Let me know if you find out something different!

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, Mark Buckles wrote:

> I would like to purchase a reading copy (not a collectable copy) of "Russia,
> Mushrooms, and History" by R. Gordon Wasson.
> Also, does anyone know what "The Chosen Baby" by Pavlovna Wasson (R.Gordon's wife,
> I believe) is about? A Korean infant?
> Thanx,
> -Mark Buckles, Spore-Head
> markbkls at

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