Morels in July

John S. Watson - FSC watson at
Sat Jul 6 19:01:30 EST 1996

6 July 1996 (Saturday)

Found about 3 and  1/2 dozen yellow morels at the a store
in a city in the south San Fancisco bay area,  
most of them were in the planter box, on the right
as you go in the front entrance.
But there were a few in the other planters around
the area.  The entrance to this store faces north,
and the planter box was well shaded from direct sun.

Most of them seemed a little old 
being somewhat dry at the tips, 
and a little ragged  from what is probably 
sprinklers, since it hasn't rained here for 
months.  Today was hot, maybe into the 90's.
A week ago it was the same, with some cooler weather
in between.  We had a couple of days of some really 
cool fall like weather about 2 weeks ago.  

A lot of these morels  look 
like they would have been in their prime
a week ago.  A few of them are just in their prime,
and there are some I left that should be in their prime
in maybe a week.

A couple of the older ones seem really big, with bulb
parts (part above the stem) over 2 inchs long.
Over a dozen had bulbs between 1 & 2 inchs, 
and over a dozen had bulbs around 1 inch.
Then a hand full had even smaller bulbs,
which normally I wouldn't pick, but they were
drying out so it was no use in leaving them.

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