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Mon Jul 8 09:47:05 EST 1996

Charles Samuels <arktika at> writes:

>Does anyone know of a mushroom identification computer program?  Thanks 
>in advance.

Hi all,
  I am still distributing Demo Disks of the PC-TAXON key system with the
key viewing program, ASKATAXA (Version 2.6) and a key to 50 genera of
gilled mushrooms.  An old version (2.4) of this disk is available on the
INTERNET (  The file to
get is in the Flora On Line Archive.  This version does not
work well on faster 386 and 486 computers.  Note that the PC-TAXON package
is now distributed by the author and no longer by QUEUE as indicated in
these files.  A general discussion of computer keys is at
  Write to me for details on the current version and the whole PC-TAXON 
program set.

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