want to buy "gastroid lepiota"

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at teleport.com
Mon Jul 15 21:42:34 EST 1996

I am interested in obtaining mature speciments of Endoptychum agaricoides
(also known as Secotium agaricoides). Arora in "M.D." states that it is
"fairly common in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region in the summer
and early fall", plus "it is one of the few gastroid agarics to be found
in eastern North America" (pages 731-732).

I would gladly reimbures shipping plus expenses to obtain mature speciments,
from which I would obtain viable spores.

Plus, I would love to find out details about your "inter-action" with this
species...habitat you found it, how prevelant, your eating history/exposure.


Ralph at rarnold at teleport.com

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