want to buy "gastroid lepiota"

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Tue Jul 16 00:14:36 EST 1996

"Ralph D. Arnold" <rarnold at teleport.com> wrote:

>I am interested in obtaining mature speciments of Endoptychum agaricoides
>(also known as Secotium agaricoides). Arora in "M.D." states that it is
>"fairly common in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region in the summer
>and early fall", plus "it is one of the few gastroid agarics to be found
>in eastern North America" (pages 731-732).

>I would gladly reimbures shipping plus expenses to obtain mature speciments,
>from which I would obtain viable spores.

>Plus, I would love to find out details about your "inter-action" with this
>species...habitat you found it, how prevelant, your eating history/exposure.


>Ralph at rarnold at teleport.com

Keep your fingers crossed, I might be able to help you out this
season. Last year I found many of them.

      I live in a semi-arid region of British Columbia (Opuntia cacti
grow here) and found them growing profusely on disturbed soil at two
separate locations. They key out as above. One thing not mentioned in
Arora's book though is the fact that the young, white fertile surface
did not react with KOH. However, once the spores had started to mature
even slightly, barely giving a yellowish hue to the inside, it reacted
strongly, turning an almost forest green! I can find no reference to
this property.

   I regret to say though I did not try eating any of them. Maybe this
year if they come up again and if so I will gladly send some to you.

                                       Gary Williams

PS. I should say that, although this area is semi-desert, both
locations were subjected to artificial watering. One was a golf
course, the other was an agriculture research station.

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