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>Hi, I am looking for some materials and am not sure where the best and 
>cheapest place to get them would be.  In particular I am looking for dextrose, 
>agar, and malt and yeast extract.  I am making a medium consisting of those 
>plus a slurry of potato "juices" to grow mycelium in petri dishes and then to 
>continue their growth in a broth consisting of those ingredients minus the 
>agar.  It was recommended to me but I guess I'm not even sure if that is the 
>best way to go.
>Thank you


There is a posting on this newsgroup for Dehydrated Culture Media...that has
what you are looking for -- at considerable savings.  All media is in new
unoppened condition, free flowing and guaranteed .... $ 18.00 / pound (500gm).
Please visit webpage for complete list : http//
R.Randolph - Randolph Biomedical - rand777 at  e-mail for complet list.


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