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>>>That is amazing.  Did you find out where they got the soil for their 
>>>planter boxes or what sort of mix they used?  They may have accidentally 
>>>stumbled upon an effective cultivation procedure.  I have tried to grow 
>>>them following a Stamets procedure, with no luck at all.

>producing morels. I will check out the species of bark and get back to
>you all. I would appreciate you folks doing the same. Thanks.

Update: 18 July 1996

Dropped by the store (south San Francisco Bay Area)
where I found the morels on 6 July.

Found another 2 dozen!  And looks like maybe a dozen babies
coming up in about a week.  

There does not seem to be a much in the way of bark in the soil
that these are in, maybe a few chips (there seems to be more cigarette
butts from the litter bug costomers than anything else :-( ).   
There are 2 kinds of plants growing with them: one that looks like 
strawberry and another that I haven't identified.

It amazes me to think that out of the thousands of people that
shop at this store, that I'm the only one that seems to have discovered these.
Since this is an outdoor clothing and gear store, I would have expected
that some more of the people that frequent it would have found
them.  They probably even sell Aurora's book there,  Aurora probably even 
gets outdoor stuff there once in a while.

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