Mycological GUT

Mark Spear MCSpear at
Wed Jul 24 22:10:39 EST 1996

The holy grail of Physics is the General Universal Theory that pretty 
much explains everything.  Could we approach something like this for 
fungi?   I anyone interested in helping to build something that might 
look like a flow chart or a state diagram for a filamentous fungal 

For example the first step might be a spore germling.  From this 
several pathways could be availible including many not found in the 
standard references.  We have observed that if you put mycelia on 
weak media it will grow with one morphology, on a rich medium will 
provode another morphology.  Also some conditions lead to stroma, 
others to fruiting behavior.  On top of all this there we can 
demonstrate that we con convert mycelium from one 
morphology/phyiological state to another.

I think this is a rich vein of endeavor for mycologists in general 
and those of us interested in edible fungi especially.  Any agreement?

    ---- Mark

		MCSpear at

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