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Len Walde sigma at
Wed Jul 24 08:38:47 EST 1996

Hello Experts: From an old engineer.
I am involved in AMD remediation (Acid Mine Drainage) R&D. Part of our
scenario involves the use of specific species of Eucalyptus to: create
a mulch bed to reduce/prevent runoff, provide some hyperaccumulation of
some metals either in the root ball and/or the wood fiber (this is yet
to be proved) and to return some of the costs by sale of wood chips for
pulp. I am testing a Filamentous Fungi as a root stimulator in a pot
growing test on 20 Eucalyptus clones planted in various soil mixes. My
question(s) are:
I need help in measuring results. Where can I go to measure both, i.e.
metal accumulation in the root ball and the wood fiber. I have no idea
how on this is done or where. Does one just grind it up and send it to
a lab for analysis ?  How do we collect, save and measure the viabilty
of the surviving fungi?  I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas in
this regard.

Many thanks, Len Walde, P.E.
 Fax: 510-253-9108
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