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In article <00003386+0000055f at>, you say:
>The holy grail of Physics is the General Universal Theory that pretty 
>I think this is a rich vein of endeavor for mycologists in general 
>and those of us interested in edible fungi especially.  Any agreement?
>    ---- Mark
My colleague Ernie Boyd and I have been working on something like this for the last
three years. We are trying to get the math right for a reaction-diffusion
mechanism for asymmetric growth. The symmetrical growth problem is much easier
to do. I recently published a review on this topic in: Patterns in Fungal
Development, S. Chiu and D.Moore, eds. Cambridge University Press. I haven't 
seen a copy of the book yet myself, but it should be out any day!
Will you be attending the MSA meetings next week? If so, look me up!
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