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In article <ymagae-2207961424260001 at>, ymagae at (Y. Magae) says:
>  Does anyone know how to make chlorate medium for isolating niaD
>mutanats?   When I try to make the medium, agar dose not solidify.
>  I must be doing something basically wrong.
>  Please help.
>  Thank you.
>Yumi Magae Ph. D.   ymagae at
>Forestry and Forest Products Research Institiute
>Tukuba-Norin P.O.Box 16, Tukuba, IBARAKI 305, JAPAN
Try using the recipe from Doe and Leslie, 1993. American Biology Teacher,
vol. 55, pp. 430-433. We have had no difficulty with this recipe.
Otherwise, check your pH. Agar will not solidify if the solution is too
acidic. Good luck!

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