Charles Samuels arktika at
Mon Jul 29 11:35:01 EST 1996

Ignacio:  Your note about fungi providing a source of revenue in pine 
plantations was very interesting.  I have a few acres near Fairbanks, 
Alaska planted to Lodgepole pine, which are not native to Alaska.  
During the last two years (the plantation is now about 10 years old) we 
are seeing a lot of yellow pored Suillus.  I have been unable to 
identify the exact species but it is very similar to the Slippery Jack, 
Suillus brevipes.

The plantation is the only place that I have seen this mushroom.  I 
would like to plant a more desirable species such as Boletus edulis.  
However, I have never found that species in the area and wonder if it 
would survive in that very cold country.  In any event I would be 
interested in hearing more about your experience with harvesting 
mushrooms from private pine plantations.

Charles Samuels arktika at

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