candida parapsilosis ?

Douglas J. Connor dougzen at
Tue Jul 30 19:10:36 EST 1996

Douglas J. Connor wrote:
> I've had a couple of responses from people with experiences w/ candida
> parapsilosis who've had difficulty eliminating it from their bodies as we
> have (my fiance and myself have had hair loss lung problems lack of
> energy, skin problems, etc.}and one has written me of some success his
> mother has had with some other medicine which I have yet to be prescribed
> by my physician. She had tried many anti-fungal medicines including
> sporanox as we have. We've had this in our lives now for over two years
> (as had the previously mentioned woman). Our other concern is how to lead
> a somewhat normal life while eliminating it from our environment also. It
> seems to accumulate rather rapidly in our somewhat huid city (coast of
> far Northern Calif.). Anyone have any ideas, cruel jokes or interesting
> anecdotes to tell us about trichosporon penicillatum or geotrichum? By
> the way we are immunocompetent and have no other physical problems Mr.
> Pascal. Feel free to respond to dougzen at humboldt1.comBy the way, I was just informed that the hair sample contained geotrichum 
penicillatum, and penicillium mold also and that I should go to a 
different doctor and send another sample since the first may have been 
contaminated. Gee, I'm really confused now. Is there a doctor in the 

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