Fatality after consuming hallucingenic mushrooms

Joe Yandle joe_yandle at unc.edu
Mon Jun 3 13:18:37 EST 1996

Alain Gerault wrote:
> A young man died from an overdose after consuming Psilocybe semilanceata. With
> a group of friends,he had consumed more than 50 of these mushrooms in three
> intakes on the same day.
> Left unattended, he died on the very evening after a few-hour-long coma.
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> Alain.Gérault at shom.fr

if i drink a gallon of water in a day, it is harmless.  yet if i drank 
50 gallons, i would probably die a painful death.  does this mean that 
water can now be considered deadly?  i think that it means that if 
you're stupid enough to eat 50 psychedelic mushrooms in a day, you've 
reaped what you've sown.  what a way to die.

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