Reply: "commercial advertisements" inaccurate

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Tue Jun 4 12:45:16 EST 1996

George Riner  <griner at> wrote:
>Ralph Arnold posted a solicitation for FUNGUS and a web site
>to check out for growing mushrooms commercially (this message comes
>across pretty close to 'commercial advertisement'); 

I disagree with your assessment that my posting was 'commercial
advertisement', if you define 'commercial' as an attempt to sell something.
FUNGUS is a free Internet tool available to all interested in mushroom
cultivation.  Over 600 worldwide subscribers receive it free, plus
thousands have accessed the website free.  I receive absolutely no money 
from this activity; in fact, it costs me money to participate.
FUNGUS does promote some commercial sources (books to buy; magazines
to subscribe; businesses to frequent), none of which I have a financial
interest in. However, no investments is *required* to receive FUNGUS. And 
over 2 megabytes of archived digests contain hundreds of messages with FREE 
advice and instructions, including FREE excerpts from books available 
elsewhere for purchase.  

There is room in this newsgroup for occasional promotion of this website.
(I haven't posted a similar message for over 6 months).  I have read
many, many messages promoting other mycology-related websites.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and for listening to my opinion.

Ralph Arnold, rarnold at

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