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Fatality after consuming hallucingenic mushrooms

Mycos williams at netshop.net
Tue Jun 4 20:37:11 EST 1996

Richard Kahn and Tiffany Winne <richard at user1.channel1.com> wrote:

>Nice Joe-
>I was going to say the same thing yesterday; but then thought it was so 
>obvious that this guy who ate the 50 mushrooms was acting irresponsibly, 
>I decided not to comment.  My mind changed overnight, however; and I was 
>glad to see your post this morning.  I've said it before- while I would in no 
>way look to constrain the freedom of the posters to the newsgroups, as I 
>feel that in sharing any and all info. lies the chance at Truth, Honesty, and 
>ultimately, Wisdom, I am often saddened that alt.drugs groups (which I 
>think so interesting and important) are often dominated by tales of 
>ignorance and irresponsibility.  It is all our duty to point out cases where 
>peoples irresponsiblity, because when we do not, time has shown us that 
>drastic measures are almost always taken against the 
>thing-in-question-used, rather than the person (so much) his/herself.
>Again- we all have made and will make stupid decisions, but the Beauty of 
>our species is that we can learn from them, and so prescribe caution.
>Richard and Tiffany (richard @user1.channel1.com)
>"The Truth is not always beautiful, nor Beauty truthful."---Lao Tze
>"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people
>  some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the 
>time."---Abraham Lincoln
>"Pass the Gin..."---I said that.

Irresponsible or not misses the point. Ingesting 50+ mushrooms isn't
THAT uncommon. Dying from it is extremely uncommon.

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