Heat shock in Aspergillus nidulans

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> I am interesting in hearing (e-mail) from anyone studying heat shock (or
> other forms of quantifiable stress) in Aspergillus nidulans. 
> Specifically: 
> I am looking for observable effects of heat shock on developmental traits
> or expression of genes determining morphological characters.  Such
> heat-shock effects might be change in timing of development, competence to
> respond to inducers of development, or degree of expression of a trait. 
> Expression might be in the form of a phenocopy, or simply enhancement (or
> reduction) of gene expression. 
> For example:  In Drosophila melanogaster heat shock during development
> induces the phenocopy "crossveinless" in a small proportion of flies.  This
> phenocopy corresponds to the gene cv- (the phenocopy is not "inherited",
> just expressed after heat shock).   
> Regards, 
> Wayne Lanier, PhD

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