Fatality after consuming hallucingenic mushrooms

Beat Kuert alcastellosa at access.ch
Sat Jun 8 13:16:20 EST 1996

Richard Kahn and Tiffany Winne <richard at user1.channel1.com> wrote:

>Finally, however, the point was brought up that 50 was not "terminal"; 
>suppossedly to defend the dosage.  But this is exactly what I am against- 
>people, especially young people, should not be risking anywhere's near a 
>"terminal" dosage.  If the term even crosses one's mind, one should slow 
>way down and think long and hard about what they are up to.  Classically 
>speaking, such "terminal" or near-"terminal" doses are for Shamans 
>alone, or suicides.  I see little of the former these days as  I look around 
>me, but sadly, all too many of the latter.   Peace,  Richard

Well this is a decision we have to make for ourselves...
The point is that 50 P. semilanceates is NO WHERE NEAR THE lethal
dosage, I already stated that I know people who have eaten about 150
FRESH (thus more powerful) P.semilanceatas....

I also think this is stupid because increasing the dosage after a
certain point makes no difference but USUALLY it isn't fatal. What I
mean: I believe that someone died but I think:

a) The death cause was not P.semilanceata but something else.
b) This person had an extreme reaction to the mushroom, this
definitively isn't common.

Lucius Kuert

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