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Fatality after consuming hallucingenic mushrooms

Weasel Tracks weaseltrax at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 8 19:16:46 EST 1996

In article <31B6D0B5.488F at user1.channel1.com>, Richard Kahn and Tiffany
Winne <richard at user1.channel1.com> wrote:

> Finally, however, the point was brought up that 50 was not "terminal"; 
> suppossedly to defend the dosage.  But this is exactly what I am against- 
> people, especially young people, should not be risking anywhere's near a 
> "terminal" dosage.  If the term even crosses one's mind, one should slow 
> way down and think long and hard about what they are up to.  Classically 
> speaking, such "terminal" or near-"terminal" doses are for Shamans 
> alone, or suicides.  I see little of the former these days as  I look around 
> me, but sadly, all too many of the latter.   Peace,  Richard

   I also find it doubtful that a psilocybe species would cause death at
that dosage. More information would be welcome. I would like to know if I
am wrong.
   That the person would ingest it in three stages in one day says
something. On the one hand, it makes it less likely that the dosage was at
or near terminal, as the previous doses would have been at least partially
metabolized at each ingestion. On the other hand, it seems like a pattern
of reckless "getting high," which may have been accompanied by other
substances. Any information on this?
   Another question: Was he the only one eating this many? Did anyone else
have any adverse effects?

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