Kambuca Mushrooms from Japan

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>Why are Kambuca mushrooms from Japan being used to treat AIDS?  

>What possible evidence has been collected so far?

>Davin C. Enigl, MS-MEAS
>Senior Microbiologist, Consultant

>HACCP Validations-sm
>Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Validations
>For the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry

>June 3, 1996
>5:30 pm

Kambuca (Kombucha) is a symbiotic yeast/bacteria organism not a mushroom (the 
Japanese know it as Kocha-kinoko. It is used to make a cider like beverage 
with unproven effects such as making your hair grow back.
The mushrooms that are used for immune system stimulation are Reishi 
(Ganoderma lucidum) or Maitake (Grifola frondosa). I highly recommend a book 
by Christopher Hobbs titled Medicinal Mushrooms, it is very detailed and 

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