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Peter Oei poei at
Tue Jun 11 15:03:30 EST 1996

denext at (gauche) wrote:
>	Hello, I'm student in agriculture and I want references(books,persons,
>etc..) in Canada in french or english (I prefer in french). 

There is a French publication called 
LA CULTURE DES CHAMPIGNONS  by several scientists from INRA in France, 
Jean Laborde, Jean Marc Olivier, Jacques Guinbertaeu, Nicole Poitou, and 
Guylaine Houdeau. ISBN: 2 200 37242 6
I am not sure it is still available.

I published an English book which has been translated to French and has 
the same title: 
LA CULTURE DES CHAMPIGNONS by Peter Oei, published by TOOL, and GRET.It 
is available at Toolbooks, backhuys at, contact them for further 
details. The French copy is still in stock, the old English ones are all 
sold out and will be replaced by a new edition next month.

Peter Oei

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