Eating Grain Spawn

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>> Every time I go out and innoculate a substrate using my
>> homemade grain spawn I always end up eating some.
>> To me it tastes great.
>> Does anyone know if this is safe?
>> In the case of Maitake and Reishi, do you still derive the medicinal
>> benefits?
>People often eat psilocybe spawn, apparently without harm. With flowering
>plants, there's considerable variance in concentration of particular
>substances, thus the medicinal recipes which call for particular parts:
>roots, bark, leaves, etc. With fungi, I think the mycelium is more uniform
>in chemical distribution, be it fuzz or fruitbody. However, I think I
>remember that interferon is most concentrated in shiitake spores, and
>you're not supposed to wash morels if you can help it because the flavor
>is concentrated in the spores. Perhaps spores are an exception to this.
>Check out the literature and see how much the spores matter in these

Interferon in shiitake spores???   Really???  Can you give me a reference on this?

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