Morels make me sick, why???

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>hunt mushrooms this time of year.  Twice this year I've had fresh morels from 
>the local woods and both times I became violently ill.  4-6 hours after 
I have just been looking at "Wild Mushroom and Toadstool Poisoning"
(Oldridge, Pegler & Spooner) produced by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.
There is an entry in there about morels:

"Species containing gyromitrin
Gyromitra esculenta <my note: this is the false morel>
Morchella species (Morels)
... young morels are edible and good when cooked but over-mature and old
specimens can be harmful."

The book is well worth a read. Obviously concentratinng on British
species but most of these occur in Europe and many in N. America, and if
not closely related species may be found. Nice descriptions of poisons
and a useful key for the identification of fungal poison. No mycophagist
should be without one!

Have fun and remember if you are not absolutely sure what the
fungus/plant/whatever is then it is not safe to eat.

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