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Sun Jun 23 21:56:06 EST 1996

Of course, Stamets & Chilton's book "Mushroom Cultivator" (1983,
ISBN 0-9610798-0-0) has a section on Lepista nuda. They do list
a 'spawn-run timelength' of up to 60 days, plus 14 days pinhead.
Perhaps 3 months is not unusual. 

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Weasel Tracks  <weaseltrax at> wrote:

>I once tried growing Lepista nuda on leaves. Got specimens on a trip to
>California and brought them back to Vermont. Propagated a piece of flesh
>on agar (beautiful pale violet mycelium). Made some grain spawn and
>inoculated old, old maple leaves sterilized in jars. Got tired of waiting
>for it to fruit and forgot about it. Months later I came across the jars
>again and found misshapen fruitbodies.
>   Anyone have suggestions on getting them to fruit in jars? in nonsterile
>   ---Weasel Tracks

I pulled this file out of the FUNGUS search-by-subject page
Good luck!
Ralph Arnold

FUNGUS Digest (November22-30, 1995)
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 95 13:31:00 -0700
Subject: Cultivating Blewit?                                                    
I am interested in cultivating blewits (Lepista nuda).                          
Does anyone know where I can obtain information
on the indoor/outdoor cultivaton of this mushroom?
Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.

<<Moderator's Note: Here is some info I gleaned from different sources.
Please,please,please provide any knowledge/experienceyou might have
personally withthis species>>

Clitocybe nuda"Wood Blewitt" (=Lepistanuda =Tricholoma nudum)

"the Mushroom Cultivator" by Paul Stamets & JS Chilton (c)1984
      Agarikon Press     ISBN 0-9610798-0-0    (pages 180-184)
<<this book is a's L. nuda section covers indoor techniques.
  They do list a 'spawn-run timelength' of up to 60 days, plus 14 days 
pinhead formation>>                 
"Mushrooms in the Garden" by Hellmut Steineck  (c)1984
       Eureka Printing Company   ISBN 0-916422-50-x    (pages 23 & 134)
"Mushrooms & Trffles: botany cultivation and utilization" by Rolf Singer
      (c)1961  Interscience Publishers ISBN unknown   (pages 167-168)

"Mushroom the Journal"Back Issues, Mushroom, Box 3156, Moscow, ID 83843
$4.50 ech --info in 27:24 and 45:17 (outdoor tips)                             
CULTURES AND/OR SPAWN <<please tell 'em you read in FUNGUS>>:
Fungi Perfecti   mycomedia at
P.O. Box 7634(phone)  360-426-9292
Olympia, WA   98507                 (fax)    360-426-9377     
Northwest Mycological Consultants     (phone) 503-753-8198             
702 NW 4th Street(fax)   503-752-3401
Corvallis, OR  97330  USA                                                       
WesternBiologicals Ltd (phone/fax) 604-856-3339
PO Box 283  Aldergrove, B.C., Canada V0X 1A0                                    
<<please tell 'em you rad it in FUNGUS>>                                       

The following referencewas recommended to me last year:

Guinberteau, J., Olivier, J.M. & Tanne, M.N. (1991). Improvement of      
Lepista species cultivation, technical factors and selection of
strains. In 'Science and Cultivation ofEdible Fungi', volume 2,
(edited by M.J. Maher), pp.615-621. Published by A.A. Balkema:
Rotterdam & Brookfield [ISBN 90 5410 023 0].                 

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