Reply: L. nuda fruiting difficulty

Eric Robb Siegel esiegel at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU
Thu Jun 27 17:38:12 EST 1996

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Weasel Tracks wrote:

> I had that book at the time (perhaps nine years ago), and must have known
> that data. Still, I more or less gave up on it and neglected it for a few
> months more. The fruitbodies were long and stringy and hugged the bottom
> and lower sides of the jar. I'm just wondering what mechanisms would
> optimally stimulate the fruiting. The jars were kept in a dark cupboard,
> so the only significant parameter to change would be a gradual drying.
> Aside from the continuing development of mycelium, of course.
I cannot guarantee that this will work for your mushrooms, but about 17 
years ago, I found that my *Ps. cubensis* cultures produced a lot more 
shrooms when exposed to sunlight (an east-facing window) than when left 
in a dark closet.

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