Need source of bacterial filters producers

Joe Harrington joeharr at
Thu Jun 27 22:44:05 EST 1996

You didn't indicate what type of bags you are currently using and what
species of mushroom you are cultivating?

If you are growing on a sterilized substrate such as sawdust, something
that is effective down to 3 microns is suggested. There are several
distributors of gusseted poly bags with a 3 micron filter patch that 
meets this requirement. Another more economical alternative is an 
autoclavable growing bag with an open cell polystyrene foam filter which
is reusable and very adequate for excluding contaminants and permitting
gas exchange....

There is another forum that has a lot of active growers on it and the 
archives have a wealth of information for growers. Contact Ralph Arnold
the list owner at rarnold at if you are interested in 
subscribing to the Fungus list... And I'm sure there are several 
subscribers on this forum that can provide you with filtered growing bags 
or direct you to a source of them. Good luck.


Portland, Maine

darjania at CRIBA.EDU.AR ("Dr. L. Darjania") wrote:
>Dear Netters
>For edible mushroom cultivation we currently use different types of 
>plastic bags, and to protect the substrate from microbial contamination 
>we need the air filters.
>Can you send me some information where could I find such filters?
>Particularly, I need a roll of filter material to cut it according to our 
>Dr. L. Darjania
>e-mail: darjania at

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