Sarcodon (Hydnum) fuscoindicum collected commercially?

paul account paul at
Sat Mar 2 11:53:04 EST 1996

Mycophagy (mycophagy at wrote:
: The professional pickers know what is going on. I certainly do. But no one
: in government knows anything. Hell, the Agaricus bispora is probable the
: most toxic mushroom on the market (I have visited the growing factories) 
: because of their spray programs.
: In a sane society we would now ban their cultivation, since other, better
: mushrooms may now be cultivated without all the toxins needed to grow
: Agaricus.

J'aimerais bien avoir sur ce sujet l'opinion d'un mycologue francais!
L'Agaricus bisporus est-il asperge de produits de traitements?
Ceci est-il bien reglemente et existe-t-il un controle des residus?

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