Fungal Diseases of Wheat in Uzbekistan

Rossman, Amy AmyR at NT.ARS-GRIN.GOV
Wed Mar 6 13:02:29 EST 1996

I  am  Khasanov Batyr Achilovich,  Ph.D.,  head of labora-
> tory, Vice-Director of the Institute of Genetics. Our interests lie in
> the  sphere  of Deuteromycetous fungi causing diseases of agricultural
> plants, especially cereals, in Uzbekistan. We have been working on the
> organization   of   "Central  Asian  Regional  Culture  Collection  of
> Microorganisms from Plants". We have found that tan spot of wheat cau-
> sed  by  Pyrenophora  tritici-repentis was one of the main diseases in
> some regions of Uzbekistan and pure cultures of the pathogen have been
> established.  Pathogenicity  of  27  isolates  to  wheat was proved by
> artificial  inoculation.Our  present   activity   is   concerned   the
> determination of structure of pathogen's populations in Uzbekistan and
> the development of methods for wheat screening for resistance to  this
> disease.  We  have  tested  18  media  for getting of profuse inoculum
> production of P.tritici-repentis and  abundant  conidiation  has  been
> provided  on  two  media  containing casein hydrolyzate,yeast extract,
> lactose and some other chemicals.
> In this connection we  ask  you  for  to  help  us  with  establishing
> contacts  with  U.S.  scientists in our field of scientific interests.
> Couldn't you send us the E-mail addresses and mail  ones  of  American
> scientists.
> My E-mail address:<root at>.
> I'm looking forward to your reply.
>      Sincerely yours,
>      Batyr A. Khasanov

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