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Thu Mar 7 09:10:39 EST 1996

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>Hi All,
>The 8th Edition Dictionary of Fungi (Ainsworth & Bisby) has 
>finally arrived here in the U.S. and it's a beauty. Twice as
>thick as the last edition, well constructed, and complete
>with a revised general classification based on molecular
>evidence, entries for all recognized families, a thorough
>dichotomous key, etc. etc. and relatively affordable (as
>far as quality reference text goes) at $49 (I wish the
>Alexopoulus publishers would charge a similar price :) 

Speaking of Alexopoulus.......
What do people think of the new edition?  Is it substantially better or any 
different than the older versions?  (My copy was published in 1979.)  

Jessie Micales
Forest Products Laboratory
Madison, WI

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