All-American Stericlave

UNICORNbag unicornbag at
Sat Mar 9 02:04:17 EST 1996

We use an ALL AMERICAN 941 unit originally bought from Paul, and it is
giving us reliable results during the last 4 years. Fungi Perfecti is a
reputable company and has been in business for many years more than the 4
years we have. If Paul gives you a guarantee you can rely on it. I don't
know the type you mentioned, may be it is a new type from the same company
or may be it is a name which Paul has tagged on. We installed an extra
temperature probe which can reach down to the center of the autoclave. Our
unit is sturdy and well made, and we use it once or twice every week to
test our production batches  of  autoclavable/microvented bags.
Lou Hsu
unicorn at

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