leading indicators for morels?

HENRY E. KILPATRICK JR. hkilpatr at osf1.gmu.edu
Tue Mar 12 19:56:24 EST 1996

TJ Olney (market at cc.wwu.edu) wrote:
: Are there any leading indicator species of either mushrooms or plants 
: that let one know that it is time to hunt for morels?  What are they?

It depends upon where you are.  In the mid-Atlanic area, the best indicator I know
of is when the redbud trees blossom (also the cones of the tulip poplars begin to
resemble morels).  But this reflects the morel's habitat in this area.  I believe
morels are associated with evergreens in the Pacific Northwest and I doubt you have
large forests of tulip poplars with redbuds growing among them. 

Buddy Kilpatrick

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