Common Names

Wed Mar 13 03:58:43 EST 1996

Dear Fellow Mycologists,

I would like your help if I may.

I am  trying to compile a list of common names of fungi and as some 
of these are only used in limited areas there are many I am not aware 
of.  I have access to such texts as Roger Philips, David Arora etc so 
names from these are not needed.
Ideally I would like to know the following details:-

Common Name
Scientific Name
Literal English translation (if applicable)
Country/area of origin/usage
Literature references

If people could supply me with all of the above for as many species 
as they are willing I would be extremely grateful.  if all of the 
above is too much then the requests are in order of importance, and 
any information will be most welcome.
I will of course keep people apraised of how the task is progressing.

Many thanks for the invaluable help I hope to receive.


Gordon Rutter                         
Royal Botanic Garden               email g.rutter at            
20A Inverleith Row                    phone  + 44 131 552 7171 ext 275
Edinburgh                                  fax  + 44 131 552 0382
Great Britain

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