Establishing a repository(?)

Roy W. Taylor royt at
Wed Mar 13 23:13:10 EST 1996

paulz at PUCCINI.CRL.UMN.EDU (Paul Zambino) writes:
> Roy, I would think there must be some college or university with either a
> botanical or more strictly mycological herbarium in your geographic region.
> What national park and state are you working in?  Good luck, Paul

May I start out by thanking you for your time and consideration in
your response.

I am in suburban metro Atlanta, GA; the park is Kennesaw National Mountain
Battlefield. Part of the problem here is that this park's orientation is
history more so than nature; the staff at the park are dedicated and
knowledgeable in the *history* of the park. The superintendant has been
very cordial in regards to my request and the opportunity for assistance
as well; our conversations and letters have been positive and we're
trying to work for the benefit of all.

The sticking point is finding a "local" university contact that is truly
enthused by "fungus" (the rangers at KNMBP refer to me, albeit in a good-
natured way, as "the fungus man"). Those that are considered local
include Kennesaw State, Georgia Tech, Emory, and Southern Tech.

In order to save time for both of us (if you can spare a few more minutes
to begin with), I'd like to fax you the initial exchanges between us,
which summarize as non-technically as posssible my representation of
my studies to the park and their response.

I might add something else; I have a parallel study in the Chattahoochee
National Forest that's looking at a very similar set of circumstances

Thank you again for your time; I look forward to hearing from you.

Roy W. Taylor

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