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> Mycology is better than Urology!
Metropolitan Atlanta(!). You see, that seems to be a major part of the
problem. The only mycological research I've discovered in this region
seems to be some somewhat esoteric studies at UGA. That's not local
(part of their requirement) and not convenient, even if I could
establish a link.

The heart of this (no pun intended) is devastating heartwood rot in
seriously stressed stands of old oak that are essential to the park
historically (Kennesaw National Battlefield Park is more oriented to
history than natural science) and aesthetically. The stress seems to
be primarily due to major storms over the past few years and
increasing human presence. The upcoming olympics - where the park is
predicting to have up to 8000 visitors per day - won't help. The
park is on the edge of losing both health and consequentially the
diversity that makes it special to me; I respect history, and will
appeal to the park in this way as well, but I am *not* a historian.

I hand carried a letter to the superintendant summarizing what I had
observed in the least technical language that I could muster (in an
understanding that his background left him in the cold on this subject).
He was cordial and concerned, having noted the rot in some of the
downed trees from last year's hurricane. His reply by mail was cordial
as well, but posed me with the unlikely proposition of establishing
a contact with a local school, none of which seem to have had much
study of mycology in the past and whom I must depend on to finish this

If you have time to help, and you'd like to see my letter and the park's
response, I'll gladly fax it. It summarises what I have done and related
in cursive language. Any other ideas that you might have will be well
considered and received.

Thank you for the time and courtesy of response.

Best regards,

Roy W. Taylor
royt at
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