humungous fungus

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Sun Mar 17 02:28:50 EST 1996

   My name is Adam Bjork.  I am a sophomore biology major at Gustavus
Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.  For my ecology class I am working on a
project in which I need to study and review at least three journal
articles regarding a certain organism and its response to nature.  Due to
the fact that I am from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Marquette), I thought
that it would be quite interesting to study the huge fungus that was found
in Crystal Falls, MI a few years ago.  However, I am having trouble
finding scientific journals on the subject, and I don't even know whether
or not any ecology-based studies have been done on it.  All I have found
is that there has since been found a larger fungus in Washington.  If
anyone has any information on this at all I would greatly appreciate
hearing from you.  My journal articles on my chosen topic are due this
wednesday, so I haven't really given anybody much time to respond.  I'm
sorry.  I am not very exerienced with posting things on the net, and I
just started fooling with buttons, hopefully I didn't annoy anybody be
sending a million copies of the same letter.  I will check back at this
site periodically, and I will also leave my e-mail address so, if one
prefers, information could be sent straight there.  I hope to hear from
you.  Thanks.

                     Adam Bjork
                        abjork at

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