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>I've been looking at fungi from the phylloplane of (Opuntia spp.) and I 
>have isolated a fungus which, when grown on PDA, releases some sort of 
>fluorescent chemical into the media when viewed under near UV light.  
>Does anyone know anything about these fungi.  I would welcome any 
>Heidi Martin 
>H.Martin at botany.uq.edu.au

Hi !

Have you an idea of the group in which belongs your fungus ?

Much work has been done on luminous agarics (gilled fungi). Most of the 
species seem to belong in Tricholomatales and derivatives. For example, 
leet's cite :
Armillaria mellea, Omphalotus olearius, Lampteromyces japonicus, many 
Mycena species (especially in Southern and Eastern Hemispheres), some 
Panellus and others...
I have no recent review of the subject at hand without looking especially 
for it, but I can give you some classical references, especially the 
works by E.J.H.Corner : 
Corner E.J.H. -1950- Descriptions of two luminous tropical agarics 
(Dictyopanus and Mycena). Mycologia 42(3):423-431
Corner E.J.H. -1954- Further descriptions of luminous agarics. 
Trans.Brit.Mycol.soc. 37(3):256-271
Wassink E.C. -1948- Observations on the luminescence in fungi 1. 
Including a critical review of the species mentioned as luminescent in 
literature. Rec.Trav.Bot.Neerl. 41:150-212
Josserand M. -1953- Sur la luminescence de Mycena rorida en Europe 
Occidentale. Bull.mens.Soc.Linn.Lyon 22:99-102

	Further search for data on the topic along my files could be 
fruitful as well, but more time-consuming. Let me know if you need more.



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