Morels growing in my backyard

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Mon Mar 18 11:34:04 EST 1996

My apopolgies is I am attributing this to the wrong source...
anyhow latest word is that all Gyromitra spp. contain at least minute 
quantities of mono-methyl-hydrazine, fatal in moderate doses, highly 
carcinogenic in small... (I don't have a reference at hand, but Dr. N 
Weber at Oregon State would webern at

 > Robert Mulroy (rmulroy at 
wrote: > 
> Some people think Gyromitra species look like morels, but G. esculenta
> contain monomethylhydrazine, which is bad for your liver and can kill
> you(Group V toxins--see Lincoff, or comparable).  There is some argument
> about whether the toxic effects are cumulative, or immediate.  It may
> depend on the manner of cooking, but why take a chance.  Gyromitra gigas
> is "choice" (Miller.) Send 'em all to Bob. 

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