Identify this mushroom for me please!!!

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Tue Mar 19 00:06:03 EST 1996

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> Hi, I took a photograph of a pretty common mushroom that grows in cow
> trails in east Texas.  I'd apprecaite knowing the species name if anyone
> can tell me.  A picture can be seen at:
> Thanks!
It's really hard to tell from the picture- what size is it?  It's some
kind of puffball (to be sure, cut through one- if it's solid white [off
white to yellowish on older specimens]).  It looks like Lycoperdon, but
those are usually found on decaying wood (which could be buried- I've
found it apparently growing on the ground from buried wood) and are rarely
solitary.  They are usually 1-2" dia.  Larger specimens are probably a
Calvatia or something closely related.  It's really hard to tell an actual
species from the picture.
     If you can take a mushroom into All Books on Richmond Ave. in
Houston, they should be able to ID it for you.  Susan is president of the
Texas Mycological Society, and her husband Van is also very knowledgeable.

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