fly-killing fungi

Aruncus aruncus at
Thu Mar 21 17:59:03 EST 1996

The order Entomophthorales contains some insect pathogens, as well as one
undefined taxon that  produces mycoses in snakes. Entomopthora muscae, the
fly fungus, is found on dead bodies of house flies often clinging to long
unwashed windowpanes.  If you look at the glass you can see a white halo
on the glass surrounding hte dead fly.  The white zone consists of
innumerble conidia that have been shot off the conidiogenous cells growing
out of the body of the dead fly.  These cells are sticky and are picked up
by  other flies infecting them by penetrating the cuticle of the fly. Just
took mycology class so this is fresh in my mind .  I suppose Candida could
be viewed as parasitic in immune compromised individuals.   

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