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Monotropoid colonization is a modification of ectomycorrhizae I beleive,
similar to arbutoid and ectendomycorrhizae where there is intracellular
penetration of hyphae, all of these mycorrhizae have a mantle and hartig
net as do ectomycorrhizae. I dont know about Orabanche, I thought that at
least soem are plant parasites, putting haustoria into host plants...
check Leake's article in New Phytol.

 On Thu, 21 Mar 1996 cws1 at wrote:
> Sarcodes, Monotropa and other members of the subfamily Monotropoideae
> (Ericaceae) parasitize the mycorrhizal fungi of other plants, drawing off
> photosynthate.  They support a variation of the ericoid infection, termed
> (not surprisingly) a monotropoid infection.
> The Orobanchaceae are another group of achlorophylous mycoparasites.
> Does anyone know what sort of infection morphology they support?
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