and Stress

Fri Mar 22 03:46:17 EST 1996

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Hi there. I have recently completed a series of experiments looking at the
effects of certain amino acids on extracellular polyphenoloxidase production
by fungi during antagonistic interactions. One of the amino acids tested was
tyrosine and it produced an unexpected result. The interaction was between
Serpula lacrymans (dry rot fungus) and a Trichoderma species. Both fungi were
showing signs of extreme stress and this ultimately resulted in a novel
interaction result. I have tried to find information on tyrosine with respect
to causing stress in fungi but I haven't been able to find anything (other than
tyrosine reducing stress in mammalian cells). I was wondering if anyone knew
of any research concerning fungal stress caused by tyrosine or even other amino
Thanks in advance.
Alan J. Score

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