Killing spores in smelly shoes?

c: *.* jacob at
Sat Mar 23 11:04:42 EST 1996

On 23 Mar 1996, Marc Anton wrote:

> I have a couple pair of shoes that somehow got contaminated
> with what I take to be a fungi of some kind.  None of my other
> shoes, nor my feet, smell.  I've tried washing these shoes with soap and 


Well, if yo have access to a nuclear submarinr hang 'em in front of the 
reactor with the control rods pulled out for a few hours... -)
Seroiusly, have you tried spraying thouroughly with Lysol? Some fungii 
are too hard to kill and too dangerous to play around with (especially 
the kind that live in bowling shoes... consider yourself lucky the fungii 
chose to cannibalize you shoes and NOT your feet)... you may just have to 
throw the loafers away, dude.


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