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Terry Brown tb at
Sat Mar 23 02:48:32 EST 1996

Eric Grunden wrote:

> Kinda, but not quite. I want to know if there are any plants that
> consume fungi until the fungus dies. A true parasite or pathogen
> of the fungus.

I think I read somewhere that when a mycorrhizal relationship breaks down some
of the fungal material may be "consumed" by the plant, but I think this was in
the context of extreme conditions (plant dying), and even then is probably only
a peripheral phenomena of little importance.

But I think there's supposed to be an orchid that gets its C from the saprohytic
activity of its mycorrhiza thorughout it's lifespan, even then I don't know if
you'd call it a parasite, although I don't know what's in it for the fungus.

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