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See A Preliminary report of the fungui of Barlow Pass, Washington.
McIlvainia 11: 10-33. 1994. Ammirati, J.; Ammirati, S.;... The Puget Sound
Mycological Society
  On 22 Mar 1996, Jack Murphy wrote:

> Dear folks:
>         I am preparing an article discussing the integration of
> non-professional mycologist/mushroom hunters into formal research programs,
> particularly in fungal biodiversity surveys.  If you know of major
> contributions by individuals or amateur organizations to mycological
> research, from anywhere in the world, I would be very grateful if you would
> inform me.  Please respond to me directly, and I will post a summary at a
> future time.  Oh, I am already aware of the Oregon Mycological Association's
> chantarelle study, and of the works reported by Eef Arnolds in the Netherlands.
>         Thanks much in advance,
> Jack
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