Killing spores in smelly shoes?

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Sat Mar 23 12:22:21 EST 1996

In a previous article, ma2 at (Marc Anton) says:

>I have a couple pair of shoes that somehow got contaminated
>with what I take to be a fungi of some kind.  None of my other
It could just as easily be a bacterial colony of some sort. Perhaps
an encysting bacterium, that easily withstood your attempts to kill

>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>I prefer some kind of natural or "green" solution if possible.

If it does turn out to be a fungus, and you are insistent upon
not using some sort of shoe disinfectant/fungicide (like they
use at bowling alleys) then perhaps you could key it out and
try and find (and inoculate the shoe with) a mycoparasite for that 
species, which may die off after it has totally consumed the 
problem fungus, or at least be less odoriferous.  ;)

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