Killing spores in smelly shoes?

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at
Mon Mar 25 09:25:54 EST 1996

Soak them in live yoghurt overnight and then microwave on high for 6 minutes 
each.  That way they won't glow in the dark.  Alternatively, you could try 
wrapping your feet in cling-film first, or lacing your socks with 
Trichoderma.  No, the easiest solution is to bury them in the garden for 2-3 
weeks and let the soil microflora sort it out.  (Don't try this if you have 
a dog.  It will get confused).

To: mycology
Subject: Re: Killing spores in smelly shoes?
Date: 23 March 1996 8:04

On 23 Mar 1996, Marc Anton wrote:

>> I have a couple pair of shoes that somehow got contaminated
>> with what I take to be a fungi of some kind.  None of my other
>> shoes, nor my feet, smell.  I've tried washing these shoes with soap and


>Well, if yo have access to a nuclear submarinr hang 'em in front of the
>reactor with the control rods pulled out for a few hours... -)
>Seroiusly, have you tried spraying thouroughly with Lysol? Some fungii
>are too hard to kill and too dangerous to play around with (especially
>the kind that live in bowling shoes... consider yourself lucky the fungii
>chose to cannibalize you shoes and NOT your feet)... you may just have to
>throw the loafers away, dude.


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